Famous Economist Says A New Wave Of Bankruptcies Is On The Way, Warns For Bitcoin: Sell Hurry!

Famous economist Peter Schiff, nicknamed the “Golden Bug”, said that a new wave of bankruptcy is imminent for the crypto money market, saying that it is necessary to hurry to sell Bitcoin (BTC).

Peter Schiff on March 10 via his official social media account. in his postRecently announcing voluntary liquidation cryptocurrency focused investment bank to Silvergate a new blockchain-based bankruptcy wave He said he was on his way.

The economist also replaced the current crypto winter. to freezing temperatures He claimed to leave and selling bitcoin He advised to buy gold.

The economist used the following statements in his post on the subject:

If cryptocurrencies really are the future, why does Silvergate seem like a thing of the past? A wave of blockchain-based bankruptcies is imminent. The crypto winter will give way to freezing temperatures. Buy Bitcoin and buy gold before it’s too late.

Schiff, as in every sector, is also in the crypto money sector. unsuccessful projects with may be But Bitcoin is a lifeboat Despite the negativities in the sector such as will stand to its followers claiming that since February, Bitcoin has 20% depreciation He replied with the following words:

Looks like your lifeboat has already flooded.

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