Famous Economist Behind His Opinion of 100 Thousand Dollars for Bitcoin: Seize the Opportunity!

Renowned economist Peter Schiff reiterated his view of $100,000 while advising crypto investors to consider this rise after Bitcoin (BTC) gained more than 30% in the past few days.

Economist Peter Schiff, known in the industry for his anti-crypto stance January 24 on his official social media account. in his postBitcoin recently 30% of after gaining value on plagiarist this rally to cryptocurrency advocates their evaluations He recommended.

The economist argues that investors who do not take advantage of this rally are more likely to suffer when the price falls below the beginning of the rally. regret He claimed that they would be used the following terms:

What’s worse than watching Bitcoin gain 30% a week after telling people to get out of Bitcoin is this: watching Bitcoin gain 30% in a week and then not selling, then watching the rally reverse and the price drop below the start of the rally.

Schiff told him the price 100 thousand to a user asking what advice he would give to users when it exceeds the dollar in responseprobably such a can’t advise because your price 100 thousand dollars to come out unlikely said it wasn’t. Peter Schiff has stated many times before that Bitcoin will never reach 100 thousand dollars.

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