Famous Businessman Predicting Bitcoin Crash Believes Bitcoin (BTC) Will Not Exceed $22,000 Unless There Is Regulation

Famous Canadian businessman and investor Kevin O’Leary claimed that unless the crypto money markets are regulated, Bitcoin (BTC) will be forced to exceed the $ 22,000 level.

O’Leary September 28 during the Converge22 event on in his speechBitcoin’s market without being regulated 22.000 dollar He claimed he couldn’t do more than push his limit. The Canadian businessman attributed his prediction to the lack of liquidity in the market.

on November 2021 69,000 Bitcoin, which made the peak of its history at the levels of 70% with depreciation 19,400 While watching the dollar levels, the famous businessman saw this table in Bitcoin. lack of buyers interpreted as. Wealth management funds, pension funds and social insurance funds unless major asset managers like Bitcoin enter this market. can’t rise and cannot become stable. O’Leary stated that these players never that you will not act against the SEC also highlighted.

As the investor continues to rally in February 2021, crypto’s offering to institutional investors haven’t touched yet and that the rally may be temporary if pension funds are not won. warned investors.

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