Famous Bitcoin Maximalist Samson Mow Explained the Inevitable End of BTC with a Graphic! Here are the Details

Famous Bitcoin supporter Samson Mow, Bitcoin He explained what kind of fate inevitably awaits the price

Samson Mow Made Important Bitcoin (BTC) Statement

Samson Mow, Bitcoin maximalist and CEO of Jan3, published a BTC-themed post on his account on the X platform

Samson Mow, the boss of Jan3, a company focused on Bitcoin adoption, published a diagram showing the ratio of Bitcoin in circulation so far and potentially minted through mining, compared to the current capital in the market.

There are no numbers in this diagram, but it visually makes it clear that the amount of BTC available is very small compared to the available capital that can be used to purchase it. Both the capital and Bitcoin are depicted in a triangular shape and together they look like an hourglass.

“As you watch the Bitcoin price fall, remember where it inevitably goes,” Mow tweeted today, thus making a bullish BTC price prediction.

Mow is one of the maximalists who expects the world’s flagship cryptocurrency to eventually reach the $1 million per coin price level.

However, Mow also shared his surprise at the current Bitcoin decline despite the staggering level of adoption currently observable:

“It feels strange to see the price of Bitcoin falling while we are at an unprecedented level of adoption. BTFD!” BTFD stands for “buy the friendly dip.”

*This is not investment advice.

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