Famous Billionaire Announced: Fiat Money is in Danger! Is Bitcoin the Solution?

Billionaire and director of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund company, Ray Dalio argues that Bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoins cannot be the solution to global financial problems.

Ray Dalio on February 2 CNBC’s Squawk Box He made remarkable comments on the financial system in the program. Dollar And Euro Dalio, who stated that fiat currencies such as these are unsustainable and their future is in danger, added to this confusion. bitcoin And stablecoinHe stressed that even the ern could not be a solution.

Same makes sense with stablecoins are state-sponsored Expressing Dalio, this to save the system Bitcoin while expressing that it will not be enough extremely volatile nature criticized for:

We live in a world where money is at stake as we know it. We print a lot of money, and that applies to all reserve currencies, not just the US. Stablecoins are useless because of their government-backed nature, while Bitcoin is too volatile to be used as money. It is not an effective store of wealth or an effective medium of exchange.

On the other hand, the billionaire, who offers a different solution to the bottleneck in the macroeconomic system, will serve to secure the purchasing power of consumers. the creation of an inflation-linked coin suggested. Claiming that we will see coins produced in this direction and functionality in the coming period, Dalio said that Bitcoin cannot be among them.

Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood He opposed Ray, describing Bitcoin as a defense against the seizure of wealth in developing countries. Also Wood that the world needs insurance policies like Bitcoin stressed.

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