Famous Author Agatha Christie’s Two Books Will Be Plays

French publisher and developer Microids will gamify two novels written by Agatha Christie. A new contract was approved by both parties this week. Which are these books? Let’s talk about it in our news.

One of the most important names in detective literature, of Agatha Christie His novels are often brought to the big screen. Earlier East on the express Murder from the novel After the film, which was adapted and met with great interest, it is now considered a sequel to this film. Death on the Nile, albeit late the future.

Now is detective literature one of the first to come to mind of Agatha Christie His books will be adapted as plays, not series or movies. French publisher and developer microidswill adapt novels written by Agatha Christie into video games. It was approved by a new contract, of which it was on both sides. Briefly microdis If we talk about the company; They also gamified Alfred Hitchcock’s book Vertigo. Even the adapted game received positive reviews.

Agatha Christie’s novels won’t be brought to the big screen this time

French developer company Microids brings players through an unprecedented and brand new adventure, a classic to be reminded of again. into the universe of detective Hercule Poirot He said he would be ambitious enough to take it. It also suggests that at least one of the new projects is an entirely new story.

Although Microids is only willing to share the name of one for now, two of the game two studio will be developed by specified. Second game just installed Microids Studio Lyon anticipated by the company. Novels written by Agatha Christie that the company will turn into games; There will be Murder Alphabet and Poirot’s First Trials.

President and CEO of Agatha Christie Limited James Prichard; “From my grandmother’s first published novel 100 years later, it’s great that their stories and characters continue to be enjoyed all over the world in all different formats, including games. We are excited to continue our relationship with the team at Microids and look forward to developing these two new games featuring Hercule Poirot.” said.


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Manager of Microids Studio Lyon David Chomard; Agatha Christie’s his novels timelessly and captivating research fans of all generations. We will start working on it very soon. about the project to give you more information we look forward to it. said. As the manager of the developer company mentioned, there is no information about the games for now. We will continue to keep you informed when information becomes available.

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