Famous Analyst PlanB Wrong: Historical Deviation in S2F Bitcoin (BTC) Model

The Stock-to-Flow (S2F) Bitcoin (BTC) analysis model developed by the famous analyst PlanB, who has about 2 million followers on Twitter, is experiencing a greater deviation than ever before in its history.

popular analyst PlanB developed by S2F model fell into a historical error. According to this model, which has been on the agenda with its consistency over the years and played a leading role in the popularity of the analyst, the price of Bitcoin 31 December 2022‘also $59,780 expected to be.

In parallel with this, in the days we are in, according to the same model, the price of Bitcoin At $59,280 it had to be. of bitcoin Current price of $16,000 taking into account the difference between the model and the current price. 260% The difference points to a greater inconsistency than ever before looking at the deep-rooted history of the model.

What is Stock To Flow (S2F)?

S2F is a model that shows an estimated price level based on the number of Bitcoins in the market relative to the amount produced (mined) each year. As the amount of Bitcoin to be mined decreases over time, the number of stocks/flows (S2F ratio) increases as the supply entering the market decreases. Therefore, this model is basically Bitcoin price will increase in the future foresees.

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