Famous Analyst Gave Bitcoin Price Forecast for 2023: Evaluated the Future of BTC!

Cryptocurrency Peter Tchir, head of macro strategy at Academy Securities, as the world deepens its crisis due to the FTX collapse, said: bitcoin He talked about the price.

Peter Tchir Reveals His Thoughts on Bitcoin’s Future

According to Peter Tchir, there may be another drop in front of the crypto money world and there may be an increase in the selling pressure in the Bitcoin price.

Tchir believes that the perception that Bitcoin is the safe haven of the cryptocurrency world may suffer during these periods.

According to the famous name, Grayscale’s GBTC fund is among the contributors to this situation. Tschir claimed that people bought Bitcoin by exiting this fund and argued that this was also a mistake.

Tschir also said that he thinks the recent events will also harm the US economy, and he cited FTX’s heavy spending on advertising as an example.

Despite this, Tschir thinks that the latest developments will be beneficial in terms of energy use.

When asked how the banking industry is connected to the cryptocurrency industry, the executive replied that the banking industry does not have much investment in crypto. According to Tschir, the banking sector can emerge unscathed from the recent declines.

Tschir also stated that the most important event for Bitcoin is adaptation.

Tschir also stated that in order to be bullish in BTC price, the adaptation must increase and he cannot see this increase in the near future.

When asked about his prediction for 2023 for BTC, Tschir said that he thought there would be a drop below $10,000. He argued that this could happen even this year.

*Not investment advice.

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