Failed Crypto Platform’s Plan for Debt: It Could Launch New Altcoins!

The bankrupt crypto lending platform Celsius (CEL) may launch a new cryptocurrency to repay its creditors.

According to a Bloomberg report on Jan. 24, the bankrupt Celsius has been asked in court on Tuesday to repay its creditors. issuing a new altcoin He talked about his plans.

In the article, Celsius’s lawyer Ross M. Kwastenieton how the company will pay its creditors. in negotiation with the court was stated. As part of this negotiation, issuing new recovery token details of the plan not yet clear.

This offer to pay the debt in question if approved by creditors and courtwill give creditors the newly issued altcoin as part of the reorganized company payment plan. Details of the plan will be presented to the court later this week, the report said.

On the other hand, following the litigation process closely, CelsiusFacts Twitter user nicknamed the details of the plan in question. “found” suggested. According to the claim made by the anonymous user, if a creditor $7,500 or less debt, he will be able to withdraw it without any restrictions. On the other hand, the creditor $7,500 the remainder will be released by Celsius with the new token will be met.

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