Facts About the Contents of Market Products

There are nutritional labels on foods that provide information about their content, but these labels may not always give us accurate information about the calories of the food, the amount of other products used in the content, or whether it contains trans fat. We have explained the main contents of various foods in this article in order to show that what is written on foods can sometimes be misleading for you.

Nutrition is the fundamental right of all people, but getting the right information about the values ​​and contents of foods is also the least important. as important as the right to food.

The labels on the foods are actually like the identity of the foods, as you read them, you kind of get to know what you eat and drink. Of course, in our country, the product contents of foods reading habit It is not very common, although we do read it, we often do not read it correctly. We would also like to open a small parenthesis, since all the information in this content is compiled from the labels written on the products in question, you can check and confirm. So, let’s see together that the contents of some products are not like that, and let’s become conscious.

Fruit-flavored and artificial sweetener drinks contain little to no fruit.

There is 100% fruit in pure fruit juices, but drinks that are sold as fruit juices and contain 10% fruit are classified as fruit drinks. In addition, these types of beverages contain sugar, acid, flavoring, coloring and preservative additives. Likewise, fruit nectars do not contain 100% fruit; In the brand you see in the picture, peach nectar contains 0.5%, orange nectar 25%, apple nectar 16% and grape nectar 0.6% fruit. In other words, the most important detail that distinguishes these drinks from each other is the fruit ratio. ‘I’m getting juice’ You may go and buy flavored drinks with a very low fruit ratio.

But what about the fact that Fanta only contains 3% orange?


One can of Fanta contains 24.1 grams of added sugar; so this is approximately 12 cubes of sugar means. In addition, this product contains artificial flavoring, corn syrup (fructose) and coloring. In short, Fanta is a product known as orange flavored soda, but the proportion of orange in it is quite low.

Did you know that Knorr chicken bouillon contains only 0.05% chicken?

Knorr Chicken Bouillon

Knorr chicken stock bouillon is available in packs of 3, 6, 12 or 24. In addition, one bouillon in a package is 10 grams. The packaging of the product says “Delicious meat without cuts or giblets is used in our bouillons. Our meats are boiled and dried”, but the rate of chicken in the product is ten thousand. This is in a ton of bouillon. 5 grams of chicken meat means to be.

0.005 grams in a single 10 gram bouillon, ie one gram One in 2000 chicken meat Let’s not go without adding that it is. This product contains sweetener, salt, sugar and spices rather than chicken meat. When you look at the product label in detail, you will see that there is 49.3 grams of salt in 100 grams of product. This means that you have added a product that is half salt instead of bouillon to your meals. While making dinner extra salt you add think. It may be good not to add too much extra salt when adding bouillon to your meals. Let’s also add that there are 19 grams of palm oil in 100 grams of the product.

Let’s get to the lemonade…

Uludag Lemonade

Lemonades are one of the indispensable drinks of the summer months. Well, if you ask how much lemon is in the lemonades sold in the markets, we can say that natural flavorings are used to give lemon flavor in these drinks. However, this rate 10% It’s around, so it’s not very high. A single 250 ml glass of lemonade contains 30 grams of added sugar, that is, approximately 15 cubes of sugar. In fact, this product we drink to cool down consists of sugar; It also does not contain protein, fiber and fat.

What if we say that there is no chicken in Indomie Chicken Flavored Instant Noodle… Which is a pun on saying “chicken flavored” instead of saying “chicken”.

Indomie Chicken Noddle

This product contains 2% artificial chicken flavor. So this product that you eat as chicken actually vegan. This food contains gluten, emulsifier, colorant, salt, palm oil, leavening agent, thickener, potassium carbonate (acidity regulator), sugar, yeast, various spices and flavoring.

In Algida Max Twister Forest ice cream, milk is 1% and fruit is 0.4%.

Max Twister

When you think of ice cream, you think of a food made from milk. However, as you can see, the amount of milk and blackberry flavor in this product is quite low. In short, there is a lot of food in this food. artificial sweetener Besides, there are components such as milk cream, water and sugar.

If only the pomegranate sauce hadn’t done this to us…

Representative Pomegranate Sour Sauce

When it comes to pomegranate syrup, most people may think of 100% pomegranate juice, but unfortunately not every product sold in the market can carry this ratio. For example, the ratio of pomegranate juice concentrate is 30% in most of the market. Moreover, sometimes even if it says that it is a natural product, it is on the product label. glucose syrup We can see it used.


A study of 500 people in the UK looked at whether there was a relationship between healthy eating and reading and paying attention to information on food labels. Participants with a high level of education It is determined that they examine the food labels and care about the fat-sugar ratio in the foods. In the research, it is seen that the percentage of reading the product content increases in parallel with the increase in the income and educational status of the people.

In short, reading the product label correctly, what you consume It is necessary for you to know. This means paying attention to the expiration date, production date, manufacturer, product content, calories and nutrition. Let’s make a small note again: We do not tell anyone not to consume the food here. Anyone can eat whatever they want. What we have already explained here is the information written on the product packaging, which can be easily accessed by everyone.

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