Facility for Illegal Bitcoin Mining Revealed in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan government officials have uncovered a large illegally operating Bitcoin mining farm in the north of the country.

Authorities are continuing their investigation into the damage done to the nation’s general electricity grid by illegal Bitcoin mining. It is known that a clear determination has not been made yet.

On the other hand, the repressive policy that the Chinese government has followed on Bitcoin mining for a long time has directed mining companies operating in China to the Central Asian Region. In addition, Bitcoin mining migration to Russia, the USA and Canada was also intense. The implementation of low energy fees, especially in the US state of Texas, increased competition and made Texas a hot home for miners. It is observed that the sanctions imposed by China have a serious contribution to the globalization of Bitcoin mining.

In October, Kyrgyzstan approved the Medium-Term Electricity Tariff Policy (2021–2025) bill approved by the Council of Ministers for the electrical energy needed by companies operating Bitcoin mining facilities. official announcement Within the framework of the new rate, companies will pay 2.52 Kyrgyzstan soms for each kilowatt-hour of electricity, as a result of an increase of 12.5%.

Recently, Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country, reported and called that they have started to take measures to combat illegal miners using the electricity grid without approval. Kazakhstan, which has reported that Bitcoin mining will not face restrictions and remove it from the national grid unless it jeopardizes the country’s energy security, has experienced electricity shortages after an influx of miners this year.

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