Facebook will follow in the footsteps of Apple and Amazon

Among the global companies developing their own chips Facebook is also included. apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft many large tech companies, including cost savings manufactures its own chips. At the same time, thanks to this step, companies, performance efficiency also provides. Now we will see that the social media company joins this caravan.

Instagram will soon let you dominate your homepage!

Instagram has started testing the favorite people feature in its new update. The feature, which is still very new, has already created excitement.

Facebook wants to improve the video viewing experience

The InformationAccording to the news, the company content recommendation to perform tasks such as machine learning developing the chip. Also with new chips, registered and live stream videos It also wants to increase the viewing experience. However, the company video transcoding developed another chip on it.

Facebook starts chip development

EngadgetSpeaking to Facebook, a spokesperson for the company special chip He didn’t directly comment on whether he was developing it or not. However, the official said, “Facebook is always at a higher level, with partners and through its own effort. computing performance and power efficiency is looking for ways to achieve it.” said.

According to the news in question, anonymous sources are trying to strengthen not one, but different services of Facebook. one kneeNS developed a special chip Put forward. For example, Facebook content recommendation to present machine learning designs a chip to strengthen its functions. Same time quality of live broadcast content video to increase transcoding trying to make improvements.

Recently on Google YouTube developed a special chip to optimize the processing and distribution of its contents.