Facebook Messenger’s end-to-end encrypted chat expands!

End-to-end encryption The feature is available on many platforms, especially messaging applications. With this Facebook Messenger A new update has arrived today for end-to-end encrypted chats on Thus, Meta tests end-to-end encryption. to expand announced the start.

Messenger makes end-to-end encryption more available

End-to-end encrypted chats were introduced for Messenger over six years ago. Therefore, it is not possible to say that it is a new feature. However, the default end-to-end encrypted chats have long been a beta feature. Meta has made a new decision on this issue.

In an announcement, the company announced that it has decided to gradually expand the default end-to-end encryption test for Messenger. Thus, this feature will become available to more people in a few months.

Hard criticism from the meta expert to ChatGPT!

Hard criticism from the meta expert to ChatGPT!

ChatGPT, which had an impact on the agenda, was at the center of criticism this time. Meta chief AI scientist criticized ChatGPT.

According to Meta, people who will receive the beta feature will be notified. As for who gets their chat upgraded with an extra layer of protection, Meta says that random says it will. meta before, 2023in all its applications default end-to-end encryption He said he was waiting to present his protection.

In this timeline, the company did not provide an update. But it says it will continue to roll out updates as it continues to bring end-to-end encryption to Messenger. The company, which started testing in some Messenger users in August, now plans to reach more people. Apart from these, there are additional innovations offered.

Facebook Messenger's end-to-end encrypted chat expands!

“Among them; End-to-end encrypted chats include changeable chat themes, chat emojis, group profile photos, previews for links, active status, while adding a circle of profile photos of people in your friends list called bubbles for the Android side.”

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