Facebook Is Working On An All-Knowing Artificial Intelligence

Facebook is working on artificial intelligence systems that will sit at the center of our lives and become a part of our existence. With the Ego4D project it plans to implement, the company will analyze life from a first-person perspective and design products that will interact.

Social media and digital interactive environments have never been an environment that only provides opportunities such as entertainment, spending time and socializing. Beyond that, data It was collected on this occasion and used for various activities, especially commercial activities, without our permission. Technology and media companies for the future desiring more and working in this direction.

Developed within the scope of Facebook Reality Labs, implemented by Facebook in the field of virtual and augmented reality. Ray Ban Stories Glasses have been on sale recently. In its statement, Facebook promises that the product will make life practical and make life unforgettable by recording all moments, but due to the company’s loss of confidence in the security of personal data, the product made some people nervous. Facebook is working on Ego4D project This seems to increase concerns.

“First of its kind”

The Ego4D project was introduced in a video posted on the Facebook AI YouTube channel. The purpose of the project and the products in question their daily lives make it easier. For example, where did I forget my key, who said this word or how did I do this before? detailed analysis is made possible.


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The Ego4D project also appears as a dataset. This dataset, which Facebook worked with 13 universities to collect, is the largest ever created. Facebook AI research scientist Kristen Grauman sees the dataset in terms of both scale and diversity. first of its kind said that. While these developments scare in terms of personal data, they also excite them for the future.

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