Facebook Celebrities Exempt from Community Guidelines

It turned out that Facebook has passed the community rules to users with more followers. According to the information received from Facebook itself, 6 million people who can be considered famous on the platform are exempt from the regulations of the platform.

Not a day goes by that big technology and social media companies are not mentioned with allegations such as torpedo and cheating. As you can guess, the name at the target of the discourses is Facebook again. The issue is with ‘power’ users. torpedoes and privileges granted.

It turned out that Facebook exempts well-known and multi-follower users from the platform’s community guidelines. According to the documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal from inside Facebook, it can be called a ‘power user’ 6 million peopleAlthough they violated the rules of the site, they did not face any sanctions.

Traffic whistle blows

According to the inside information obtained by the Wall Street Journal, if Facebook has a large number of followers and therefore a high return to the site; tolerates users’ behavior that is actually prohibited. This application XCheck It is processed automatically by a system called From politicians who make hate speech to football players who share photos with obscene content, nearly 6 million celebrities are tearing up without penalty.


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In addition to not being penalized, even the posts of these celebrities are not removed immediately. The shares of users with few followers who share against the community rules are removed immediately. For example, football star Neymar shared nude photos and private conversations of a woman who had previously accused him of rape; He shared it on Facebook to prove that he was not guilty of such a crime. These photos shared without permission from the person were not suddenly deleted from Facebook. These posts, which are definitely against the rules of the platform, waited for more than 1 day on Neymar’s wall. A similar exemption was experienced with the US politician Hillary Clinton.

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