Facebook Allegedly Consuming Too Much Battery

One of Facebook’s ex-employees, who was fired, claimed that the company added a process to the app that purposely drains users’ batteries.

One of the former employees of Facebook, now part of the Meta company, George Hayward, made a scandalous claim. There is currently no proof of this claim. We need to specify; Since there are many layoffs, such allegations can be made to large companies.

Allegedly, Facebook, which is under the roof of Meta, is on smartphones. has software that intentionally consumes a lot of battery. Let’s take a look at the details together.

Allegedly, Facebook is deliberately consuming too much battery due to a process called ‘Negative Test’

For a part of what Facebook does”negative testIt’s said that tech companies need to use someone’s phone to test the features of an app or see what an interface change might look like. lets it secretly drain its battery.

Hayward is a person who was fired by Facebook parent company Meta for refusing to participate in the negative test. He said that he told his manager that this test would be harmful, but the manager said, ‘We can help the masses by hurting a small number of people’ said.


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As we said, it’s not proven whether Facebook is doing this or not. The company’s lawyer also referred to this claim.A negative test is perfectly legal and not a fast battery drain.” he declared.

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