Eye Needle Treatments Will Be Less Scary

Scientists have developed a new method that eliminates the negativities that may occur in some treatments with needle prick in the eye. The new method can prevent multiple needle sticks in the eye.

Today, the treatment of various diseases, no matter how scary it sounds and looks, needle eye may also contain. Although this is usually a very cautious and successful treatment method, rarely bacterial infection in the layer where the needle enters and damage to the eye tissue can be seen due to repeated use of the needle.

Scientists have developed a new treatment method to prevent these complications. Successfully passed the pre-clinical testing phase The treatment method gave successful results in eliminating the risks that may occur in treatments administered by eye injection.

The needle is inserted into the eye only once, not more than once:

In age-related macular degeneration disease, in which more than one injection is applied to the eye, treatment involves injecting a drug called ‘anti-VEGF’ into the eye more than once. Here is the new treatment method developed by scientists, which causes the needle to be inserted into the eye again and again, and thus the damage. to minimize provides.

In the new method, scientists an ultra-thin thickness micro-sized needle prick and this needle stays in the eye. On the outside end of the needle, there is a “cap” that will close the hole and inject the medicine into the eye area. The needle remaining in the eye, on the other hand, biodegrades over time.

The team behind the new method first tried it on eyes from pigs. In the trials, the drug was injected into the eye as planned and the needle hole remains closed after the injection seen. In subsequent tests, the injection was tested on living pigs. The team also achieved successful results in these tests.

It is not yet known when the new method in question will be used on humans. of your method necessity for animal testing to continue for a while is emphasized. The research has been published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.


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