Explanation of SCT Regulation from Renault Turkey CEO

Giving a date for the tax base arrangement in the automobile stopped all purchases and sales in the automobile sector. Making a statement on the subject, Renault Turkey CEO Hakan Doğu talked about what happened. Here is that explanation…

It is really difficult to own a car in Turkey. The shortage of zero cars, coupled with the increasing exchange rate and inflation, extinguished their hopes. A move on the subject came from the government, which is aware of the situation. Treasury and Finance Minister Nurettin Nebati made a statement on the subject a while ago and said: It is stated that tax base arrangement will be made in SCT. announced. That is, new cars enter. Special Consumption Tax it would fall to the lower tier, so there would be a pullback in prices.

However, before this regulation took place, automobile brands selling in Turkey took action. Updating price lists brands in November raise twice they have done. While all these events were taking place, the government wing a new statement came. According to this statement, the SCT regulation, December 1, 2022 would be in effect.

Renault Turkey CEO: It wasn’t nice!

The statements made are actually quite not surprising produced a result. Hearing the arrangement, the citizen began to wait for the 1st of December. Because after this regulation, the general opinion was that vehicle prices would decrease. As such, all work in the automobile market came to a halt. The last name to make statements on the subject is Renault Turkey CEO. Hakan Doğu it happened. Speaking on Bloomberg HT, Doğu said that the arrangement was correct, but the work came to a halt as a result of the date being given, which was not very pleasant.


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Hakan Doğu’s statement on the subject is as follows:

This work is not done immediately, but to wait until December 1 it wasn’t very nice. Because the whole industry is at a standstill. Nobody buys or sells cars, either first or second hand. Regulation is a positive move, taxes on automobiles in Turkey are very high and they need to be reduced gradually. There are 160 cars per 1,000 people in our country, and 40 of them are over the age of 20. Considering that half of our population is under the age of 30, Automobile is a necessity in Turkey.. Under these conditions, our people have difficulties in accessing cars.

So, if you say how the prices of new cars change after the SCT regulation:


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