Explanation About Wallet Service from Trendyol

It was shared that the e-commerce giant Trendyol could not continue its Wallet service due to the new e-commerce law. Trendyol denied the allegations.

The Bill of Law on Amending the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, which will reshape the e-commerce sector in Turkey, was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly in July. Many articles of the law on January 1, 2023 While it was about to enter into force, today an important news about an e-commerce giant was on the agenda.

Trendyol, Turkey’s first decacorn, according to the news of Webrazzi, due to the law Trendyol Wallet will stop its service had explained. However, Trendyol made a statement on the subject. The company shared that the allegations do not reflect the truth:

Trendyol Wallet service will not be shut down:

“As Trendyol, the information that we have stopped the Trendyol Wallet service does not reflect the truth. Due to the e-commerce law, our Trendyol Wallet application arrangements are made. In this context, some features related to Wallet have been suspended. Our customers who have balance in Trendyol Wallet can make their payments through Wallet. Likewise, our customers can top up their Wallets with gift vouchers they have previously received.

If there is insufficient balance in their Wallet for the amount of the basket, customers can complete their shopping by loading the remaining balance into their wallets with a card. Currently, Wallet does not appear as a payment option for users who do not have a balance in their Wallet.”

What happened?

Webrazzi received a statement from Trendyol customer service that the Wallet service would be closed:

“Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, amended by Law No. 7416” brought various restrictions to our marketing/discount budgets and some extra services we wanted to offer. In this context, according to the law Since it is not possible for us to continue Trendyol Wallet services,We regret to inform you that we are ending. Accordingly, you can only continue your shopping on our platform with your debit and credit cards.”

Trendyol has already started making changes to its service:

According to the information conveyed by Webrazzi, the platform has recently made some changes to its Wallet service. It started to accept only credit cards for purchases made from Trendyol Market. The wallet option has been removed from Grocery purchases.


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