Explanation About Altay Tank: We Have No Engine

An important statement was made today about the Altay tank, which is planned to be delivered in 2023. In the statement made by the Deputy Minister of National Defense, the statements “we do not have an engine and transmission” were included.

An important statement has been made today about the Altay tank, which started to work in 2007 within the framework of Turkey’s National Tank Production Project, and for which the foundations of development, prototype production, testing and mass production programs were laid in 2018. Military Factory and Shipyard Operation Joint Stock Company and Muhsin Dere, Deputy Minister of National Defensetalked about the situation of the Altay tank in the KIT Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

In his statement, Dere stated that BMC Power has started and continues to work on domestic engine and transmission production, but these studies have not yet been concluded. Dere is also a member of the Defense Industry Presidency. He was trying to buy power pack, engine and transmission from Korea. expressed.

Statement by the Deputy Minister of National Defense:

“BMC Power has started to work on domestic engine and transmission production, it continues, not yet concluded. Apart from that, our Defense Industry Presidency is trying to buy power packs, engines and transmissions from Korea. We also have works for the Storm howitzer and tank from the USA. But We do not have the engine and transmission at the moment. Therefore, this is the answer to ‘why is there no tank?’.

In the meantime, we built and tested the second generation Altay tank in Arifiye with the reserve force groups taken from the Germans. In addition, Storm production continues. A certain amount of investment of 50 million dollars was made in the factory. The partners of the factory have not changed, the partners of BMC have changed. It has nothing to do with the status of the factory. The factory is under our control, 6 Storm howitzers were produced this year, ready for delivery. It continues its activities by preserving all its talents.”

The last statement about Altay:


It has been announced that the domestic and national tank Altay is ready for mass production: The date of his assignment has been determined

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