Experienced Analyst Names 4 Altcoins: They Are Getting Ready to Ignite!

While the cryptocurrency market is losing ground, investors and traders are looking for new opportunities. For this, they consult the opinions of analysts to give an idea. In this context, an analyst with a large following shared his latest market predictions. Analyst says a meme coin is all set to witness strong bullish movement. Additionally, the analyst is updating his outlook for 3 altcoins.

Floki is preparing to fire upward blasts!”

cryptokoin.comAs you follow from , the market has calmed down, although it saw a decline after sharp fluctuations. Leading crypto Bitcoin is trading at $64,000. However, some bearish signs are also coming. Analyst with the pseudonym Inmortal says Floki (FLOKI) is preparing to ignite upward breakouts. The analyst shares a chart suggesting that the meme coin suffered a failed crash after regaining a key support level around $0.00015. In this context, Inmortal makes the following statement:

The price follows my wavy line perfectly. FLOKI pumped on 4/20. Don’t underestimate the power of memes. Now it is above the key level, it will just rise soon.

Source: Inmortal

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, FLOKI was trading at $0.0001866, down nearly 6% on a daily basis.

Analyst: This altcoin will ignite a sharp rally after the decline!

The analyst next looks at leading altcoin rival Solana. Inmortal says SOL will consolidate for a month before falling below $100 by the end of May. He also predicts that it will convince investors that Solana’s bull rally is over. At this point, Inmortal predicts that SOL will then ignite a sharp rally near $200. The analyst expressed his views on this subject, “Chop chop chop, trap, up. LEFT.” expresses it as follows.

Source: Inmortal

At the time of writing this article, SOL was changing hands for $149.

“This altcoin will be one of the fastest horses when the markets start to rise!”

Another altcoin on the analyst’s list is the native token of the modular Blockchain network Celestia (TIA). Inmortal says TIA will be one of the faster horses when markets move up again. The analyst shares a chart showing that TIA will regain its support at $11 before rising to $17. In this regard, the analyst makes the following statement:

When good conditions return again… I think TIA is an altcoin you will want to stay in for the long term. We are letting the price develop for now. Clean break/higher low/acceptance above $11 is confirmation. Solid deflection pattern.

Source: Inmortal

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, TIA was trading at $11.03. As such, it stands just above Inmortal’s approval level.

I plan on adding Inmortal: BEAM to my bags!

The last altcoin on the analyst’s radar is Beam (BEAM), a blockchain-based gaming network. Inmortal predicts BEAM will retest the $0.027 support before moving above $0.032. The analyst said, “This is what I wanted. I plan to start adding it to my bags… Solid detour + recovery.” says.

Source: Inmortal

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, BEAM was trading at $0.02772.

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