Experienced Analyst Draws Attention to This Level and Explains: Is Bitcoin Rally Over?

Yuya Hasegawa, an experienced analyst of Japan-based crypto money exchange Bitbank, claimed that the rise in Bitcoin (BTC) was not confirmed by inflation data, so the price lost its momentum.

Yuya Hasegawa He recently shared his remarkable analysis with CNBC. Bitcoin price after the last rate hike by the US Federal Reserve (FED) 24 thousand dollars level upwards, but above that level unable to close Pointing out, the analyst said that the upward momentum is about to be lost.

Bitcoin price rose to $24,000 on Wednesday but failed to close above it. Therefore, it seems to be about to lose its upward momentum.

on the other hand FEDExpressing the details that need attention at the last meeting of , Hasegawa said that although inflation seems to be slowing down Not much has changed compared to a few months ago. stressed. inflation target set by the Fed. is 2% recalling that this goal say it happened suggested that solid evidence is needed for

On the other hand, despite the current uptrend, analysts The cryptocurrency market is not yet ready for a bull rally. And that prices may pull back at least once is thinking.

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