Expected move from Musk: Crypto era on Twitter!

Twitter, which has undergone a radical change in its policies that have been going on for years after Elon Musk came to power, continues its money-oriented works. The company, which comes up with an event almost every day after the business person took over, has its eyes on cryptocurrencies.

Twitter is working on crypto wallet system

Everyone knows Elon Musk’s weight on cryptocurrencies in recent years. So much so that the businessman has created great fluctuations in the stock market with a single sentence many times. After acquiring Twitter, Musk often says in his statements that the platform needs to make more money.

The last action of Musk, who set out for this purpose, was also announced. According to the latest information, Twitter is working on a crypto wallet system. If things go as planned, users will have a wallet on the platform and will be able to both pay and invest. The idea of ​​a blockchain-based social media platform that allows Dogecoin payments is also on the agenda.

Elon Musk is in a dead end!  Twitter Blue has been delayed

Elon Musk is in a dead end! Twitter Blue has been delayed

Elon Musk, who made changes after purchasing Twitter, stated that he delayed the Twitter Blue application in his statement.

Musk’s attempt to “send, deposit and withdraw money with one click” is a broad idea. The businessman recently told about his plans that he wanted to realize within the platform in his meeting with the staff. Musk’s desire to make money on Twitter was already known. Now, Twitter has conveyed to its employees that the necessary work should be started for banking services.

Twitter crypto wallet

Elon Musk wants these radical changes within the scope of the new era he calls Twitter 2.0. However, the business person does not have a good relationship with the company’s employees. Having fired many of his employees, Musk wants more people to leave and the rest to work at high efficiency. The phenomenal businessman gave an ultimatum to his employees in an email.

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