Exemplary Tomography Images of COVID-19 Patients

Lung tomography scans were taken of two young people who contracted COVID-19 in Elazig. Doctors found that while the vaccinated teenager did not see any problems in his lungs, the unvaccinated teenager caught pneumonia. Experts say anyone who doesn’t want to say “I wish we were vaccinated” should get vaccinated.

The most effective weapon in the fight against coronavirus is vaccinatedIt is a fact that should be known by everyone. However, some people just don’t accept it. Moreover, we all hear the cry of citizens who refused to be vaccinated and caught COVID-19, “I wish I was vaccinated”. Now I want to tell you why you should get vaccinated. as proof We’re going to tell you about an image that’s been created and the story behind it.

The incident in question took place in Elazig. Admitted to hospital with symptoms such as cough, weakness and fatigue two young people, it was found that he actually caught COVID-19. The biggest difference between these young people was that one was vaccinated and the other was not. Doctors who requested a lung tomography for both young people, found that in the lungs of the young person who was vaccinated and caught COVID-19 they couldn’t detect any problems. The unvaccinated youth is affected by the coronavirus. pneumonia was caught.

Here are the tomography images of COVID-19 patients with and without vaccines

Explanations on the subject, Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Gabriel Azar It was done by. Stating that the tomography images taken show what it would cost to not be vaccinated, Azar said, “I am young, my immune system is strong.” to the perception shouldn’t fall expressed. Reminding that everyone can get the disease, but the important thing is the damage, Cebrail Azar said that everyone should be vaccinated.


1 in 10 Children Who Survive COVID-19 Have Continuing Symptoms

Dr. Gabriel Azar made the following statements in his statements; “I wish we were vaccinated too There are too many who say. Apart from that, the first question that survivors ask us is ‘Sir, when will I do the vaccination next?’ is happening. Because he has a serious illness, he sees that the vaccine is of great benefit in protection. Currently in intensive care, services average age is declining. Our advice is not to be vulnerable to this virus disease by saying ‘I am young, my immune system is strong’. Therefore, if the body’s resistance in the fight against the disease is genetically weak, which is very difficult to foresee, then unfortunately. permanent damage due to disease can stay.

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