Exciting video: Mars samples are coming to Earth!

NASA’s Mars rover perseverance, has been working for a long time. Within the scope of these studies, it was a matter of curiosity how the spacecraft, which was investigating whether there was life on the Red Planet, would bring the samples it obtained to Earth. Examples with the last video shared How will it come to Earth it became clear.

Mars samples will take place with the Mars Sample Return mission

In February of last year, NASA successfully landed the Perseverance rover on Mars. Mars Exploration Program Within this scope, the spacecraft is faced with some findings about whether there are signs of life or not. It was not yet clear how the rover would bring the samples to Earth for examination.


Now is NASAHere’s a tutorial on how to bring back samples on Mars. video shared. According to the video, the space agency has stated in the past that return to spacecraft will trust. This vehicle will travel to the Red Planet and then rise to the surface. On the surface, Mars will meet with Perseverance to begin its sample return.

First in 50 years from NASA!  Here are the new images of the world

First in 50 years from NASA! Here are the new images of the world

The Orion spacecraft, sent to the Moon with the Artemis 1 mission, captured new images of the Earth. Here are the first recordings after 1972.

Findings from the surface will be launched back into orbit for return after being loaded onto the spacecraft. The success of this mission is of the utmost importance for the study of discoveries made on the planet. In addition, the video appears in the form of animation.

The video covers everything from landing on Mars and sample tubes to getting them back to Earth. Also for animation European Space Agency, Goddard Space Flight Center and Marshall Space Flight Center contributes.

Exciting video Mars samples are coming to Earth!

Perseverance, throughout the mission, Signs of life on Mars as well as many different examples. Among them, Earth astronomers history of the planet It has become possible to obtain various information about For this reason, it is extremely important that the findings of the spacecraft reach Earth and be examined.

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