Exciting News from Gaming Altcoin: Price Up 185%!

The Ethereum (ETH)-based gaming altcoin has made huge gains in the past month, leading most of the crypto market. MAGICis the native token of Treasure, a project that aims to be a decentralized video ecosystem.

Initially Ethereum Built on top of its mainnet, Treasure eventually migrated transactions to its off-chain scaling solution Arbitrum for lower fees.

Launched a new Game Builders Program (GBP) to encourage the creation of compatible, high-potential games in the Treasure ecosystem. According to the details shared by the ecosystem, the program is supported by Arbitrum.

Building with Treasure throws games into a powerful wheel of deeply connected communities and builders powered by interoperability.” stated as.

MAGIC token

Joining GBP gives builders hands-on support from Treasure, according to the announcement.

As we start the new year, MAGIC is up 185% from its low of $0.48 on Jan. 9 to as high as $1.37 yesterday. Arbitrum-based altcoin It has since pulled back and is currently trading at $1.18 with a market cap of $242 million.

Arbitrum isn’t the only Ethereum layer-2 enjoying growth. Optimism (OP), another leading Ethereum scaling solution, hit an all-time high of $2.50 on Saturday, which represents a gain of about 175% since the opening of 2023.

Polygon (MATIC), the largest Ethereum scaling solution by market cap, as we know as Koinfinans.com, is currently trading at $0.99, up about 31% to date.

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