Ex-Darmstadt star Dursun: That is what Eintracht expects against Fenerbahce – Bundesliga

Four months ago Serdar Dursun was still fighting with Darmstadt in the second division. He became the top scorer and moved to top Turkish club Fenerbahce. But at the start of the Europa League in Frankfurt, the striker is injured.

The BILD interview.

BILD: In the very first game and after a great pass to world champion Mesut Özil’s first goal, your collarbone broke. How are you now?

Dursun: “That was four weeks ago. I am fine. I think I’ll be able to play again in ten to twenty days. Let’s see what the doctor says. “

BILD: How sad are you that you cannot play with Fenerbahce in Frankfurt?

Dursun: “It’s really very sad that I can’t play in the Eintracht Stadium! I really wanted us to pull a German team and I could go back to Germany. That it is then also Eintracht Frankfurt, so close to Darmstadt, that was really very special. But unfortunately I am failing. I’m very sorry, but that’s how life is. Go on! I watch the game live on TV. “

BILD: How strong is Fenerbahce?

Dursun: “We have a super trainer, outstanding both personally and professionally! We play in the 3-4-3 system and we have really good players. We don’t have to hide from anyone this year. We really want to become champions and get as far as possible in the Europa League. The club has the potential. “

BILD: Must Eintracht be afraid of Özil?

Dursun: “I get along well with Mesut. He’s a down to earth person and a good footballer. With him it is like this: at any moment he can push one through and play a pass that decides the game. But we don’t only have Özil in the team, we have some very good, individually strong boys. You don’t need to be afraid in football – but Eintracht already has respect for us. “

BILD: What does Eintracht have to expect from the Fener fans traveling with them?

Dursun: “Eintracht has very good fans, in Germany they are among the top five. At Fenerbahce, the audience is really very emotional, very crazy. They make a lot of alarms and whistle concerts when the opponent has the ball. “

BILD: How many spectators are allowed in the stadium in Turkey?

Dursun: “At the moment 40, 50 percent of the capacity. At Fenerbahce 50,000 fit in. About 18,000 are in the stadium. I’m really looking forward to the second leg. This is going to be exciting.”

BILD: What is the difference between Fenerbahce and Darmstadt 98?

Dursun: “Fenerbahce has 35 million fans worldwide, Darmstadt is much smaller. Darmstadt is very special. “

Dursun with a top scorer cannon for 27 goals this season in the 2nd division for DarmstadtPhoto: WITTERS

BILD: How is your new life in Istanbul?

Dursun: “Very nice, very interesting. It was really a very stressful, instructive month. I’ve been in Istanbul for 70 days now. Life has already changed, there was a lot going on – and there are a lot more people around it. “

BILD: Is your family with you now?

Dursun: “My son and wife have been here since the weekend. My son is now six weeks old. We’ll be moving into our apartment in two or three weeks. Now the furniture is slowly coming. “

“I have to prove here that I’m a good footballer”

BILD: What do you miss about Germany?

Dursun: “My organized life. But I’ll have that again soon when we move into our own apartment. I miss a few guys from Darmstadt, but unfortunately I only have contact with a few. And my friend Nirma Ghamari from the Shiraz restaurant. “

BILD: Darmstadt was peaceful, how do you find your way around the cosmopolitan city?

Dursun: “I’m not here to see the city. My focus is: going home, seeing my child, my family. I want to have maximum success in football. Soon I’ll be back on the field, praying every day for my bone to heal. I want to show why I’m the top scorer in the 2nd Bundesliga. Because in Turkey the second division is not that important. So you have to prove to the people here that you are a good footballer. “