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New analysis suggests that Bitcoin bulls are in the process of rebounding amid an ongoing BTC price renaissance. A large staff of analysts, from Credible Crypto to DonAlt, shared 5 technical views that Bitcoin could get into trouble on the way.

The analyst, who foreshadowed the 2023 Bitcoin run, shared the level at which the bull will be eliminated

For previously holding predictions of crypto analyst DonAlt cryptocoin.comCheck out this article. DonAlt says in his current analysis that Bitcoin will be suppressed at current levels. According to the analyst, if BTC breaks below a key support level, it will reverse the bullish stance in the market.

According to DonAlt, Bitcoin (BTC) can completely eliminate the bull if it falls below $19,000 despite its rapid recovery from 2022 lows. In the current market conditions, the analyst said, “For now, nothing will change unless we lose the $18,000/19,000 levels. “I expect a rise until $19,000 is broken,” he said.

However, if Bitcoin continues its bullish trend, DonAlt says that his preferred level to take profits is around $32,000:

Ascension makes sense. But I don’t know where to get the pullbacks and I don’t know where to get the profits other than $32,000 based on the fact that I wouldn’t want to sell just to the $24,000 level.

Bitcoin points to ‘more’ at $23,000

Elsewhere, market analyst Cole Garner said in his analysis published Jan. 28, there are Bitcoin metrics that have been “backtested and validated.” According to the on-chain metrics provided by the analyst, BTC remains firmly “bullish” at $23,000. This metric compares the ratio of BTC to stablecoins across exchanges. It’s currently hitting several-year highs, and it also appears to be showing off its peaks in any event since the start of 2020.

Credible Crypto shares opportunity levels as Bitcoin climbs $30,000

Another crypto analyst, Credible, said in a tweet on Jan. 28 that Bitcoin has the potential to continue an upside move and its $25,000 top target. However, a move to $21,500 is expected as BTC price encounters strong resistance near $23,200. The monthly bullish zone between $19,500 and $20,500 could be the ideal buying zone. Traders buying at this level will largely want to take profits when Bitcoin price rises above $30,000.

The heatmap also coincides with the monthly bullish breakout between $19,5000 and $20,500. Therefore, traders are probably waiting for the Bitcoin price to drop below $20,000 to start a massive rally towards $30,000.

Crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe said that the BTC price is having difficulty breaking the critical resistance at $23.1k. Therefore, if Bitcoin continues to make lower highs, probably test and scan $22.3k until it is more likely to continue.

ChatGPT says Bitcoin and Blockchain technology are revolutionary

ChatGP, one of the publicly available outgrowths of its technology today, predicted that government-issued fiat currencies would be phased out following the emergence of Bitcoin (BTC). Findings provided by Parman, a teacher and author in the Bitcoin field, show that ChatGP sees Bitcoin as the currency of the future.

When Parman later explained the reasons for his prediction, it sparked a heated debate. He started by asking ChatGPT how humanity could end central banking. Bitcoin’s first block was created after the 2008 global financial crisis. There was an inscription on it that read, “The Prime Minister is on the verge of a second bailout for banks.” However, it probably shows that its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, was against central banking.

ChatGPT says Blockchain will lead to radical changes

Later, ChatGPT defined the development of Blockchain technology as the system that will transform the world’s financial systems. But he also put an end to central banking. As users will no longer be dependent on centralized banking systems, ChatGPT emphasized that Bitcoin has the potential to give people control over their finances.

Parman, a staunch supporter of Bitcoin, told ChatGPT that DeFi is centralized finance disguised as a decentralized system to deceive people. In response, ChatGPT announced that the fiat currency was shut down. Parman refers to the early days of Bitcoin when it was just a digital currency with no real-world value. However, even without a promise of value. In contrast, the remaining cryptocurrencies “have governing groups and are therefore centralized,” he observes.

Bitcoin will transform banks

After that, ChatGPT added that Bitcoin could eventually allow people to create their own banks. Since it is based on an unreliable system, fiat currencies are not necessary according to artificial intelligence. The assertion that government-issued money would eventually disappear was audacious. However, it is still unclear whether Bitcoin will truly have the much-lauded revolutionary impact.

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