Even Older Than YouTube’s First Video Came Out Fake

The video, which has an even older upload date than the video known as YouTube’s first video, became the agenda on social media. However, the truth of the matter was completely different from what was supposed.

A claim has been made that turned the internet world upside down, that the first video on YouTube was actually “Me at the zooIt has been suggested that it was not. The claim was actually partially true. But this was not a new discovery, but a mistake.

The video in question, which was shared on YouTube as the ‘real first video’, appeared to have been uploaded on April 5, 2005. The ‘apparent’ upload date of the video was actually due to a bug on YouTube.

That trending video on YouTube:

“Welcome to YouTube!” 48-second fake video titled, the founders of the platform On behalf of Chad Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim was giving place. It was also shown that the video was uploaded by a user named “jawed”.

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