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More pace ++ More defensive quality ++ Even more rice football |

This is how Knäbel wants to save Schalke!

The whole of Schalke is watching him from now on!

Sports director Peter Knäbel (56) has calmed the pulse of ex-chaos club royal blue, led the club to direct promotion after a year in the 2nd division. But the euphoria turned to disillusionment again. Now comes an even more difficult task: together with new coach Thomas Reis (49), he has to keep the bottom of the league from falling back into second division.

But how is that supposed to work? After just 15 matchdays, S04 are separated by five points from the relegation rank. In addition, further 181 million euros in debt. mission impossible? Certainly not. But damn stressful for Knäbel (“Our point average is insufficient”), who after the departure of ex-manager Rouven Schröder (47) also took over his job and now has to be as creative as possible.

More speed, more defensive quality, even more rice football! This is how Knäbel wants to save Schalke…

► A lot of money is hardly available when the transfer window opens again on January 1st. Means: The Pott-Klub must continue to gamble on good rental deals or find super bargains. Players who fit the Reis style. Urgently wanted: a strong central defender and fast wingers. The horror Hinserie has shown: Schalke urgently needs more speed, efficiency and stability!

Knäbel: “We know what makes rice football special, which emphasizes a lot of duels. We need players who are physical and physical. Squad planning is not a request concert. We have a man on the defensive and there is definitely still a need there.”

On the offensive, Wolfsburg’s Luca Waldschmidt (26) is a possible candidate (BILD reported).

Knäbel continued: “It’s not wrong that we can also use reinforcements up front. But you shouldn’t write off our players. It’s actually good, but we have to see if it’s good enough. If not, we will do something…”

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► Reis and Knäbel are also required as psychologists during the World Cup break: They have to try to build up the insecure team, to get into the players’ heads in order to instill self-confidence in them again.

► Kral, Krauss, Matriciani, Terodde – Schalke have workers who can lead the way. With Zalazar, Van den Berg and Ouwejan there will be returnees at the winter camp in Belek who give hope.

Knäbel’s rescue job at Schalke. The fact is: In the traditionally difficult winter transfer market, he will also need a lot of luck in the end.

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