European Union wants Tesla charging stations everywhere

The European Union (EU) is taking a big step to promote sustainable transportation. For this reason, it will provide 352 million euros of funding. A significant part of this fund will go to Tesla, owned by Elon Musk. With this investment, Tesla will establish thousands of charging stations within the European Union.

The European Union printed money for 7 thousand 200 Tesla Supercharger charging stations!

According to the EU’s project list, Tesla will receive funds to install 7,198 Supercharger charging stations in 22 countries and upgrade existing ones. These projects aim to enable electric vehicle owners in Europe to charge their cars more easily and quickly.

The goals of this large-scale project include the installation of 6,458 charging stations in 16 different countries. The project includes not only the construction of new charging stations but also the updating of existing old charging station points.

Zero Tesla Cybertrucks are on their way to delivery!

Zero Tesla Cybertrucks are on their way to delivery!

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This project, for which the final bids were received on April 13, 2023, is likely to cover many regions of Europe. However, further details on exactly where the new stations and upgrades will be have yet to be revealed. A significant portion of this funding will be devoted to technological improvements, such as switching to Tesla’s new charging station, Supercharger V4.

This major financing decision by the EU also affects other major players in the electric vehicle market. Other automakers plan to use Tesla’s Supercharger charging station. This means many drivers will have access to Tesla’s charging network. In early 2021, Tesla opened select Supercharger stations in the Netherlands, France and Norway to all electric vehicle users. Later, it started to provide this service all over the world.

The EU gave the green light to a total of 26 different projects. While most of these projects are aimed at developing charging points, some are related to hydrogen refueling stations for heavy-duty and other transport vehicles. The EU is working to pave the way for sustainable transportation and switch to green energy more quickly.

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