European Union Prepares to Pass Artificial Intelligence Law

The European Union is preparing to enact a new law in order to protect its citizens from any problems that may arise based on artificial intelligence. With this new law called ‘Artificial Intelligence Law’, it is aimed to prevent discrimination that may occur.

Although artificial intelligence is a fascinating thing, there are unethical elements that it can cause. In fact, we even talked about artificial intelligence, which wrote a thesis with a command of the scientist in the past months, as you can see, the situations can become dire.

In this regard, the European Union has decided to enact an artificial intelligence law. This artificial intelligence law is about the risks and dangers it contains. will protect its citizens It will include some new laws. Let’s take a look at the details together.

It will be the first law on artificial intelligence.

This new law, named the ‘Artificial Intelligence Act’, will be the first law in the world to include artificial intelligence regulations. What the Artificial Intelligence Law aims to counter There are three main areasthese are as follows:

  • First, government-run, of the kind used in China. social scoring Applications and systems that pose an unacceptable risk, such as
  • Second, a list of job applicants CV scan tool high-risk applications, such as
  • Finally, apps that are not expressly prohibited or listed as high risk are largely will be left unchecked.


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As far as we understand from the laws, the European Union is a kind of artificial intelligence-based aims to prevent discrimination. What do you think about the new laws? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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