Europe May Ask Companies For Money For 5G Infrastructure

A document obtained by Bloomberg revealed the European Union’s plans for 5G infrastructure. Accordingly, authorities can request support from technology giants for infrastructure costs.

All over the world, the transition to 5G continues rapidly and infrastructure work continues. A draft noticed by Bloomberg the other day reveals that the European Union is preparing to take an important step in this regard.

According to the document, the authorities, Netflix and Google’s parent company Alphabet, companies with a lot of bandwidth to the next generation internet infrastructure. provide financial support is considering the issue of submitting a proposal for

Tech giants may have to pay for Europe’s 5G infrastructure

It should be noted that this idea, which asks companies to contribute to creating the necessary infrastructure, is not new. in 2012 A similar proposal came from Europe. Last year, European Commissioner Thierry Barton argued that regardless of who has to pay what I believe that Europe may lag behind the USA and Asia in terms of 5G infrastructure.had faded.

After all these, the newly released document revealed that the support of companies can be requested for the infrastructure. The proposals are part of the EU’s ‘fair sharing’ vision, which requires major tech giants that provide streaming video and other data-heavy services to contribute to paying for the traffic they generate, according to the report.

The document shows companies building 5G mobile networks and fiber infrastructure. that they can contribute to a fund created to offset the cost of and also tech giants the establishment of a mandatory direct payment system for also recommends.


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Of course, it is worth noting that there is no concrete result yet. The EU’s electronic communications regulator stated in October that there was no evidence to suggest that companies like Netflix and YouTube should pay for infrastructures, while such a move would harm the internet ecosystem. can harm he had said. The current document, on the other hand, revealed that the negotiations on this issue are continuing and a final decision will be made.

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