EU Won’t Ban Cryptocurrencies According To Bitcoin Suisse President: Here’s His Plan!

Luzius Meisser, President of Swiss crypto company Bitcoin Suisse, stated that the European Union (EU) will not completely ban Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, but will try to control it instead.

Luzius Meisser January 30 In an interview with Coindesk on , the European Union’s cryptocurrencies won’t ban however traditional finance from the world isolated stated that they intend to do so. CEO says isolation strategy crypto- as well as traditional for the financial market beneficial He said it could be. Meisser AB brought for this purpose to policies also mentioned.

Meisser made the following statements about the EU’s thoughts on crypto regulation:

Their intention is to protect the traditional financial market from the toxicity of the cryptocurrency market. But perhaps this approach can also help protect cryptocurrencies from the mistakes and mistakes of traditional finance.

Especially recently, the total assets of traditional banks from 2% prohibiting them from holding too many cryptocurrencies to the bill Notable CEO, traditional banks with crypto cut off contact He stated that this law is one of the most obvious examples of what is wanted.

Meisser also recently announced that traditional banks are offering customers’ cryptocurrencies. 1:1 in proportion opposite keep them compulsory The bill that makes it possible for traditional banks to basically bitcoin the possibility of working with that you have eliminated stated.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon for MPs to adopt the free market approach. not likely suggesting that the CEO probably will be strictly regulated underlined.

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