EU Obstruction to 20 Billion Dollar Adobe-Figma Agreement

The EU, which continues its investigations into Adobe’s $20 billion bid to acquire Figma, announced its antitrust reservations to the company.

Adobefor a long time Figma is making preparations to purchase. It is also known that the company made an offer of 20 billion dollars for this purpose. European Commissionimmediately after information about this agreement emerged, 7 AugustHe started an investigation in . The first results of this research have appeared. European Commission, the agreement will hinder competition He issued an official warning to Adobe on the grounds that

According to the EU, if Adobe buys Figma, competition will be harmed

According to the report containing the commission’s first examination results, Adobe’s acquisition of Figma, interactive design toolsin terms of vector editing tools and raster editing tools “may significantly reduce competition in global markets.”

The Commission conveyed its competitive concerns to Adobe with a statement of objection. According to EU officials, this is Figma’s on Adobe It means there is already leverage. According to the commission, Figma and its applications are Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop It has the potential to become tools that can compete with other programs.

On the other hand, this statement of the European Commission, the EU research not the exact result. To complete the research February 5, 2024 will be waited until the date. Adobe and Figma will be able to respond to the aforementioned objections. If necessary, companies will be able to appear before the commission to defend themselves. So far, Adobe and Figma have not shared any concerns about antitrust regulations.


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One of the highlights of the research was that the application called Adobe XD was terminated after the agreement decision. According to competition rules, a company cannot suddenly discontinue its own products in order to avoid competing with the new company it will purchase. Adobe, Also in the UK and USA is struggling with similar scrutiny.

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