EU Member of Parliament: Ban Cryptocurrencies!

European Union Member of Parliament and Belgium’s former Finance Minister, Johan Van Overtveldt, suffered from the recent banking crisis. cryptocurrencies held responsible. Overtveldt called for member states to completely ban cryptocurrencies.

Former Belgian minister, who shared on his Twitter account, digital assets “speculative poison” defined as. Pointing out three banks that went bankrupt in the US last week, the politician thinks that cryptocurrencies should be blocked by taking a lesson from here.

Reactions Are Unstoppable

The post made by the Belgian EU Parliamentarian drew great reaction. Former minister of the crypto community and citizens of the country “watching the bank cartel” accused of.

Johan Van Overtveldt, who was Belgian Minister of Finance from 2014 to 2018, became EU deputy in 2019 and part of the Monetary Affairs committee. The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee approved the regulatory package (MiCA), which is expected to come into effect in 2024, last year.

bankruptcy last week silvergate, Silicon Valley And Signature Bank’s It is linked to digital assets. Some of the American attorneys stated that traditional financial institutions should not get involved in crypto after the incident.

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