EU Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Regulation Postpones MICA Once Again! Here is the New Date!

Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies It constitutes the main framework of its status in Europe and the regulations that may be encountered in the future. European Crypto Asset Markets (MICA) The regulation was adopted at the Council of Europe last October.

After this acceptance, the eyes were turned to the vote to be held in the European Parliament.
The draft for a vote in parliament needs to be translated into 24 official EU languages.

However, the voting, which was planned to be held in November, was postponed to February 2023 due to the technical and lengthy text.

However, according to the latest news, the final vote of MICA on the same grounds April 2023It was postponed to.

A spokesperson for the EU Parliament, who made a statement on the postponement of MICA, said that the delay was due to the technicality of the draft MICA and most likely problems in translating the nearly 400-page file into the blog’s 24 official languages.

With this delay, European Parliament and Council of Europe Markets in Crypto Assets The regulation will also be voted on in April 2023.

MICA, which is the first EU regulation to oversee the crypto money industry, aims to make the area that policy makers describe as the wild west of crypto assets more controllable.

One of the biggest features of MICA is that it sets rules for licensing firms providing crypto services in the EU and stablecoin regulate its export.

MiCA bill, one term bitcoin It was expanded to ban its trade, but after the backlash, it was taken a step back.

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