Ethereum to Deprecate Some Testnets Post “Merger”

Shortly before the Ethereum merger, Ethereum developers decided to deprecate some testnets after the merger.

According to the article shared by Ethereum on its official blog, after the merger, some test nets are deprecated will be removed.

Ethereum’s London update, which includes proposals such as EIP-1559, was implemented on the Ropsten testnet last year. In today’s statement, the Ropsten testnet will be released by 2022. 4. It will be closed in the fourth quarter.

Also in the statement, it was said that developers using the Ropsten testnet should migrate to the Goerli or Sepolia testnets. Ethereum, Rinkeby and Kiln testnet He said that after the merger it would not work after certain dates and that the Rinkeby testnet will be in place by 2023. In the 2nd or 3rd quarter, the Kiln testnet will remove it this year. announced.

The company also supports developers using the Rinkeby testnet. Goerli or Sepolia told him to switch to testnets. It is stated that these two networks will continue for a while.

Goerli network Prater Beacon Chain Saying that it will merge with the testnet, Ethereum also said that Sepolia would create a new chain for the merger explained.

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