Ethereum Pre-Sale Investor Transferred ETHs to US Stock Exchange: Is a Sale Coming?

The whale, which received tens of thousands of Ethereum from the Ethereum public offering (ICO), attracted attention with the transfer of thousands of ETH after a long time.

Ethereum IPO 2014 By joining in from $0.31 in total 20 thousand ETH The buying whale took action. Reported by on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain to data according to 29 November whale trading day, $6.2 million worth 3,000 ETH cryptocurrency exchange to Kraken transferred.

This transfer made by the ICO participant was interpreted as a preparatory process before the profit sale. Balina had made some Ethereum transfers in the past period and currently has $10.6 million worth 5,172 ETH is available.

As the Ethereum price exceeded two thousand dollars after a long time, many whales, who had been silent for a while, took action and accelerated their transfers to the exchanges. Finally 25 November On the day of a huge whale, 20 thousand ETH transfer between wallets and 10 thousand one of them to Kraken he had sent.

According to CoinGecko data, in the last 24 hours 1.5% rise ETH exhibiting at the time of writing from $2,054 is being traded.

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