Ethereum Move from Avalanche-Based Exchange!

Prominent cryptocurrency The bankruptcy of one of its stock exchanges, FTX, damaged the confidence of investors in the crypto sector. In this context, investors can also benefit from centralized exchanges. DEX’began to gravitate towards.

He started to take innovative steps in the face of the increasing popularity and number of users of DEXs.
Avalanche (AVAX) based decentralized exchange Trader Joe’sfrom the Avalanche ecosystem as part of its plans to access new markets and increase user activity. Ethereum (ETH) announced its expansion into its ecosystem.

Trader Joe’s statement Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum OneHe stated that it has expanded to .

Trader Joe’s is the largest DEX and lending service on Avalanche. The expansion to Arbitrum will feature Trader Joe’s first expansion on a new chain since it was launched, launched in 2021.

Arbitrum Stating that the expansion to its network will officially be in January 2023, the Trader Joe team said that they are working with Offchain Labs, the team behind Arbitrum One, to launch a testnet in the coming days.

“Expansion to Arbitrum One is Trader Joe’s next step in its global expansion effort.

The home of Avalanche Trader Joe’s but now it’s time to go global.

We look forward to introducing the innovative and efficient Liquidity Ledger (AMM) built on Avalanche, as well as working with new partners to leverage Arbitrum and Avalanche’s aggregated DeFi ecosystems.”

Trader Joe’s will move to Arbitrum, but the scope of this transition will be limited. Because the local token of the stock market JOEfeatures like lending platform Banker Joe and NFT marketplace Joepegs are only Avalanche will be present in the ecosystem.

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