Ethereum Foundation Made the Same Action It Did 9 Years Ago When the Price was $1!

The Ethereum Foundation transferred $13.3 million worth of ETH to cryptocurrency trading company Cumberland.

On-chain analysis account Lookonchain posted on Twitter on March 4 in your postthe cryptocurrency trading company of the Ethereum Foundation to Cumberland He stated that he transferred ETH.

Ethereum Foundation awarded Cumberland, who works as a cryptocurrency market maker in addition to trading. $13.3 million worth 500 Ethereum sent. Same wallet last time November 8, 2015 Ethereum price on from $1.02 while being traded 47,814 ETH he had sent. Today’s value of this transfer 160 million dollars Ethereum price has gained approximately 3,000x since then.

Ethereum Foundation, February 28 took action today and joined the US cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. $13.3 million worth 4,000 ETH he had sent. The foundation made the last transfer to Kraken exactly 2 years ago.

According to CoinGecko data, Ethereum, at the time of writing from $3,468 is being traded.

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