Ethereum Comment from Famous Billionaire: “We Need a Bear Market!”

A post for Ethereum came from the famous crypto billionaire Zhu Su, CEO of Three Arrow Capital.

Su, who has come to the fore with his support for AVAX recently, said that I am leaving Ethereum and used the following statements:

“Yes, I abandoned Ethereum even though I supported it in the past.

Yes, although it has supported Ethereum in the past, it has also abandoned users.

The idea of ​​sitting around watching combustion and preparing purity tests with no new users on the chain is disgusting.

Ethereum culture suffers greatly from the founders dilemma. Everyone got too rich to remember what he originally intended. Maybe a bear market is needed to remind them, or maybe we should build somewhere else, but that’s what happened.

The reason the previous tweet got 4k likes in 1 hour is because they promised their users a vision for the future, then they said they had to pay $100-1k per tx and then they started telling some stories that they had to be smart enough to buy ETH at $10.”

While many support messages came to Su, it was also seen that there were reaction messages. Making another post later, Su said, “I love Ethereum and what it means, but I wish it was open to everyone, not just early investors.”

Some of Su’s followers claimed that this comment was a deliberate post to bring AVAX to the fore.

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