Epic Games Wins A Big Victory In Its Lawsuit Against Apple

An important decision was taken today in the Epic Games – Apple case, which has been going on for about a year, that will change the course of the process. The court ruled that Apple cannot prohibit developers from making their own alternative payment methods available.

About a year ago, a tough struggle started between Apple and Epic Games. The reason for the fight, which was heated up with the lawsuits of the two giant companies, was that Epic Games wanted to prevent Apple’s huge commissions from in-app purchases. However, this move of Epic Games was not well received by Apple and Fortnite was removed from the App Store.

In the antitrust lawsuit filed by Epic Games against Apple, an important decision was taken today that will turn things in the company’s favor. US courts have ruled out Apple’s ruling on how developers can receive payments in apps removing some restrictions decided.

Developers will be able to use their own payment methods:

According to Apple’s criticized policy, developers could not add other payment methods in their apps other than Apple’s own in-app purchase system. However, the payment system in question is free from developers. commissions up to 30 percent was cutting. With the decision taken today, this application of Apple was terminated. Court ruled that Apple’s developers will offer cannot prevent alternative payment options decided. Thus, developers were prevented from having to pay commissions to Apple.

In the case, the developers through the contact information users have registered with the application. It was also decided that Apple could not prevent him from contacting them.


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Apple’s shares lost value after the decision:

This new development, which can be considered a great victory for Epic Games, affected Apple badly. The company’s shares, after the announcement of the decision It fell 3.4% in value. This depreciation caused a $84 billion drop in Apple’s market value.

Apple has taken a step back in this regard recently. The company allowed the addition of buttons that allow applications such as Netflix and Spotify to sign up without paying commissions.

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