Epic Games Introduced Unreal Engine 5.2!

Epic Games has introduced its new version 5.2, where the Unreal Engine game engine is more capable than ever before. This was not the only announcement at the event…

While the entire game world is focused on Counter Strike 2, some big announcements have been overlooked… Epic Games, the game engine New version of Unreal Engine and showed his talents, giving place to great surprises for Fortnite players.

Although Epic Games’ announcements usually concern developers and content producers, they shed light on the future for regular players. Bride, To all the innovations announced by Epic Games Let’s take a closer look.

Unreal Engine 5.2 demonstrated!

Unreal Engine 5.2 brought by Unreal Engine 5 will take realistic environments to the next level. The biggest innovation that will come with the new game engine version will be procedural content generation, that is, the feature that allows you to create worlds completely depending on the algorithm.

In this way, game developers of all experience levels, amateur or professional, will have the opportunity to create huge worlds in a short time.

The new game engine will also include new physics. The tires of the vehicles will be deformed in a realistic way, real-time water effects and physics will enter our lives.

More money can be earned from Fortnite!


Fornite, the game of Epic Games, which has literally turned into a platform, will also have great innovations. The first of these innovations will be reflected in the earnings of content creators in Fortnite. ‘Creator Economy 2.0‘, 40% of the revenue from Fortnite will go to content creators. Of course, these manufacturers will include Epic itself.

Fortnite turns into a much more glorious place:


Another feature that content producers will get will be “Unreal Editor for Fortnite”. Creators will finally get this tool they have been waiting for for a long time, and they will be able to add the content they want to their Fortnite worlds and present it to other players. Here are some examples shown by Epic:



Soon you will be able to make the animation you want with the iPhone camera:

Let’s come to game developers and those who are interested in animation. MetaHuman, the realistic human generation tool of Epic Games, will have a critical and innovative feature. Developers will be able to directly transfer the movements they recorded with the iPhone to the characters they created in MetaHuman. The moves will be automatically added to the character as a keyframe, The effort of making animation from scratch will be largely eliminated.

The most frequented points of the developers meet under one roof: “Fab”


Unreal Engine Marketplace, Quixel Bridge, ArtStation Marketplace and Sketchfab, which developers use for assets such as textures, materials and 3D objects, will now be brought under one roof. to all platformsFab‘ will be accessible on the platform roof.


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