Epic Games’ free games this week are live!

Epic Games made one game and one free add-on to be used in the game this week. Available on Antstream Arcade, the retro game cloud platform that hosts more than 1000 games. Epic Welcome Pack; In addition, a first-person open world hunting game worth 32 TL theHunter: Call of the Wild it was free.

Epic releases free games every Thursday at 19:00 Turkish time. The company, which limited the campaign for 7 days, does not accept new participations at the end of the specified date. Games given within the scope of today’s campaign will be free until December 2. Therefore, you should hurry to install it.

Epic Games bought the famous game company!

Continuing its aggressive policies against Steam, Epic Games continues to grow. The company has now acquired an important studio.

Epic Games free game download

You can use the Epic Games Launcher to install the published free games on your computer. Of course, since this application requires an account, first of all, “Register – Sign Up” You need to press the button to open a subscription. If you are already a member “Sign In – Sign In” Click on the button and log in with your information.

epic games free

From the company’s website Epic Games Launcher You can access free games by downloading the app. Supporting both Windows and macOS operating systems, the application opens the door to all games on Epic. You can find the game and add-on, which is free within the scope of this week’s campaign, along with the system requirements below.

Antstream – Epic Welcome Pack

With the gem package worth 14.99 dollars, you can use it in-game. 1,090 Gems you can win. This is the in-game currency games, challenges and gives you an advantage in limited-time tournaments. The gem can also be used to unlock more difficult challenges and play turn-based PvP with friends and other players.

System requirements Minimum Suggested
OS windows 7
macOS 10.7 Lion
Windows 10
macOS 10.10 Yosemite
Processor Intel Core i3 Intel Core i5 6600 or AMD Ryzen 1600x
Memory 2GB RAM 4GB of RAM
Storage At least 180MB At least 180MB
Internet Low latency internet connection with at least 4Mbps Low latency internet connection with at least 4Mbps
epic games free game

Antstream – Epic Welcome Pack supporting co-op, multiplayer and singleplayer modes to the link here You can have it by clicking. The link will automatically direct you to the Epic Games Launcher. Then just add it to your library and start the installation process.

theHunter: Call of the Wild

System requirements Minimum Suggested
OS 64-bit Operating System – Windows 7 64-bit Operating System – Windows 10
Processor Intel i3-4170 Quad core Intel Core i7
Memory 4GB of RAM 8GB RAM
Storage At least 60GB At least 60GB
Display card NVIDIA GTX 660 / ATI HD7870 – 1GB VRAM NVIDIA GTX 760 / R9 270x – 4GB VRAM
thehunter call of the wild free

Game theHunter: Call of the Wild, which will give you a realistic hunting experience. to the link here Click to download it for free. In this simulation, which supports co-op, multiplayer and single-player modes, you can learn which animals prefer which terrain in a short time and you can follow them better by analyzing their unique behaviors, characteristics and movement patterns.

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