Epic Games Announces New Year’s Campaign

Epic Games shared the details of its new campaign, which it will sign at the beginning of this year. Every day, 1 free game and lots of discounts will be waiting for the players.

Throne in the hearts of the players with the free games it distributes every week. Epic Gamescame up with the big news expected today. It turned out that the platform, which offered 15 games for free last year with a special event for the New Year, will hold a similar event this year.

The text shared by Epic Games for game developers, Christmas discounts, a direct 25% discount coupon that can be used in any game and of course 15 free game distribution proved to be done. Let’s take a look at the official details of the campaign that awaits us at Epic Games this year.

When will the Epic Games Christmas campaign begin:

“New Year Holiday Campaign”, where Epic Games will include Christmas discounts, It will begin on December 15. The campaign will run until January 5, 2023.

What will be presented in the Epic Games Christmas campaign?

epic games christmas

  • Worldwide discounts
  • Directly on any purchase 25% discount coupon
  • for 15 days 15 free games distribution
  • Free cosmetic items for online games

When will free games be given in the Epic Games Christmas campaign?

  • First free game: December 15-16
  • Second free game: December 16-17
  • Third free game: December 17-18
  • Fourth free game: December 18-19
  • Fifth free game: December 19-20
  • Sixth free game: December 20-21
  • Seventh free game: December 21-22
  • Eighth free game: December 22-23
  • Ninth free game: December 23-24
  • Tenth free game: December 24-25
  • Eleventh free game: December 25-26
  • Twelfth free game: December 26-27
  • Thirteenth free game: December 27-28
  • Fourteenth free game: December 28-29
  • Game fifteen: December 29 – January 5

What games will Epic Games give for free?

Which 15 games will Epic Games give for free this Christmas? Unknown. But if we consider the campaigns of the past years, we can expect some big productions to be given for free this year as well. The platform offered games such as Tomb Raider trilogy, Prey and Control for free last year.

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