Epic Games Acquires Harmonix

Epic Games, which has made a name for itself with the acquisitions and successes of various game production companies in recent years, bought Harmonix, one of the leading companies in the industry.

American game production and development company Epic Games, creator of legendary game series such as Rock Band, Dance Central; one of the world’s leading game studios Harmonix he bought.

The Harmonix team, which stands out by creating fun and interesting music experiences that appeal to everyone, Fortnite’s music will collaborate with Epic Games to develop

Harmonix will design Fortnite’s musical

Harmonix Music Systems has announced its agreement with Epic Games on its official website. “With the projects we’ve developed so far, we’ve helped people redefine the musical experience. Now we’re bringing our unique musical gaming experiences. to the metaverse We’ll be working with Epic Games to bring it to life, we couldn’t be more excited.” announced in his words. With this signed partnership, the Harmonix team is the part of Fortnite. musical design will work with Epic Games to develop Harmonix, which will work on Fortnite, will continue to support its existing games.


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Alex Rigopulos, president and co-founder of Harmonix, “Working with Epic Games to help our players make and share more enjoyable music. we will push the limits, we will invent new ways” said. President Rigopoulos, always most loved that they aim to create music experiences, by joining Epic Games, to achieve this goal on a larger scale. they hope expressed. Alain Tascan, Epic Games’ vice president of game development, “Music brings millions of people together in Fortnite. With the Harmonix team, we will transform players from passive listeners to active participants and a completely different musical experience we will live” said.

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