Ense: Valentina wants her sister’s accidental death not to be pointless | Regional

Ense (North Rhine-Westphalia) – The intersection on Antonia’s way to school has always been considered dangerous. Cars race, no traffic lights or stop signs – instead accidents with seriously injured people. Here Antonia († 16) had a fatal accident with her 125cc motorcycle on August 25th. A Polo driver took her right of way on the B516 in Ense (Soest district).

Her sister Valentina Becker (21) does not want to accept any more victims. She fights against the horror crossroads.

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She is sure that the accident could have been prevented: “The turning lane is far too short. In addition, the track is cut in such a way that it is difficult to assess the speed on the B516. “

Antonia died in a traffic accident on August 25th. Valentina about her sister: “She was such a helpful and cheerful person, always made you laugh with her sayings. I miss her so much.”

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One thing is certain: since 2018 there have been six accidents at the intersection in which three people were seriously injured. The place is considered a hot spot by the police. In November 2020, the municipality of Ense suggested building a roundabout at the intersection. Rejected – too little space.

Then why not a traffic light or a stop sign? Not clear!

Wilhelm Müschenborn from the Soest district: “We don’t know why no corresponding applications were made from the citizenship or from another body.”

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Flowers and memorial candles near the scene of the accident

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Mobile speed controls were carried out. However, these had “not produced any significant results”.

Valentina: “For me, those responsible are partly to blame for the death of my sister. If you had reacted earlier, she might still be alive now. “

The trainee has now started a petition for a traffic roundabout – almost 60,000 people have signed it.

After all: Now the district decided to set up a traffic light, to introduce Tempo 50.

When Valentina thinks of her sister, tears come to her. “She was a helpful and cheerful person. You can’t undo what happened, but I’ll fight to make sure that her death at the crossroads changes something. “

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