End of an era: Toshiba is sold!

Japanese tech giant Toshiba is going through tough times financially. The company has been hit on the accounting side as it continues to grow, with a 40 percent stake in memory chip maker Kioxia Holdings. The brand could not bear the heavy financial losses it suffered and accepted the offer of Japan Industrial Partners (JIP).

With the purchase of 15.2 billion dollars, another era will come to an end in the world of technology!

Japan Industrial Partners offered $15.2 billion to acquire Toshiba. The company accepted this offer and signed the agreement in financial stalemate. Accordingly, the 147-year-old technology giant, which currently has a value of 1.8 billion Yen, or 14 billion dollars, on the Japanese stock market will now be included in JIP.

If we look closely at JIP, aka Japan Industrial Partners, the company has companies from various industries such as Orix, Chubu Electric Power and Rohm. In other words, we can say that they continue to operate within their own structure by acquiring many companies such as Toshiba in Japan.

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So how did Toshiba come to this situation?

It is also a matter of curiosity how Toshiba knocked down the 147-year-old plane tree. How did the successful technology giant come to this situation? In fact, this business dates back to 2017. At that time, the brand received a nuclear power plant tender in the USA and started working. However, the result was unsuccessful and Toshiba was held responsible.

The responsibility brought by this failure created a financial burden on the company and started to drag the company towards bankruptcy. Then the company’s largest confidential shareholder, the Effissimo Capital Management fund, began to put serious pressure on Toshiba.


In the face of these pressures and financial burdens, Toshiba began to ask for purchase offers from the spring of 2022. But until JIP, many companies made offers that were not based on reality, which could be considered funny. JIP, on the other hand, made the most realistic offer to date and agreed with Toshiba.

Toshiba, whose last quarter reports are not very encouraging, will now be a JIP group company as of next Thursday. Although there is no statement about Toshiba’s future, it is estimated that the company will continue to produce technology. So what do you think? We are waiting your comments!

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