Encrypted Shares for Secret Invasion from Marvel!

Marvel started making mysterious posts on Twitter about the Secret Invasion series, which will come to Disney+ this month. The posts, which were deleted five minutes after they were shared, lead to a website in addition to containing clues about the series. The password required to enter this site lies in the images in the shares.

One of the most anticipated productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Secret Invasionwill meet with fans on Disney+ on June 21. The production, in which we will see Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, will be about the infiltration of shape-shifting Skrulls to the planet and the struggle against it.

While the excited wait for Secret Invasion continues, Marvel has launched a very interesting campaign on social media. The company shared some information about the series on Twitter; but after a short time he deleted them.

Posts related to the series include clues about a password that will allow access to a site exclusive to Secret Invasion.

Marvel Studios deleted these mysterious Secret Invasion posts so far in about five minutes. In sharing screenshots, lots of clues about the series was found to be included. For example, in oneIs Nick Fury alive?” inscription, in anotherWhere’s Nick Fury?” was written.

In addition to these, the images shared,The Invasion Has BegunIt also contains tips for a site created specifically for the TV series ” (The Invasion Has Begun). These tips are intended for fans to try to find the password for the site. We left the link of the site at the end of the article.

When you look at the photos, we can see that some letters and numbers are circled or clearly highlighted. Here is what you need to enter the site the characters of the password forming. It would not be wrong to say that this approach of Marvel is a successful advertising campaign that excites and intrigues the fans.

When you enter the resulting password on the site, you are greeted with a brand new video from Secret Invasion.

As you can see above, a visual has also been released, combining all the clues. From this imageRSD3PX5N7S” password can be obtained. When we enter the password on the site, we see it. containing the first five minutes of the series We can see that a brand new video is out. The clip brings us to Moscow with a scene by Agent Everett K. Ross, played by Martin Freeman.

If you want to see the video too by clicking here You can reach the site called The Invasion Has Begun.

Secret Invasion trailer


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